2019 Most Popular Posts

It’s the end of the year and though this is a small site compared to some, it is mine and I like to reflect on the year.

Every year this blog has been active it has increased in the number of hits received. This year has been no exception. The total for this year, with a few days to go, is around 150,000. That is six times the number obtained during the first 3 years combined. Thank you to everyone who has passed by, read a few words or linked to my little blog. Ultimately this blog is written for myself as a way to document the cameras I have tried and places I have visited. I often wonder how many of those hits are just myself looking back on my life.

But looking through the list of most popular posts this year, I realised it can’t just me 🙂 As many of them I haven’t visited for ages.

So, without further ado, here are the most popular posts from 2019 and the date they were first published.

  1. Fujica Auto-7 Date (2018-04-22)
  2. Nikon TW Zoom (2017-12-05)
  3. Minolta Hi-Matic AF-D (2016-05-21)
  4. Fujicolor Simple Ace Disposable Camera (2018-05-18)
  5. Fuji TW-3 (2017-12-20)
  6. Two Nikon TW Point and Shoots (2017-07-05)
  7. Olympus Trip MD (2017-09-08)
  8. Konica Z-up 80 super zoom (2018-02-26)
  9. Ricoh LX-55W (2016-01-12)
  10. Ricoh XR 500 (2017-09-17)

I put the dates on as I found it interesting that the most popular posts are all pre-2019, which means they were probably stumbled upon by searches.

And just for fun and as a comparison, here is the list from 2018

  1. Minolta Hi-Matic AF-D
  2. Olympus AZ-1 Zoom
  3. Fuji HD-M
  4. Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 MD
  5. Two Nikon TW Point and Shoots
  6. Nikon TW Zoom
  7. Olympus Pen EED
  8. Ricoh XR 500
  9. Fuji TW-3
  10. Konica Z-up 80 super zoom

There are many duplicates with the Minolta H-Matic AF-D in the top three for both years which is surprising for me as I really didn’t care for that camera.

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