Olympus Trip MD

This camera has been in my cupboard a while so I am not sure quite where it came from. The reason it took me a while to get to it…it was covered in gunk from the bag. The edging on the bag just melted and ended up all over the outside of the camera. Yuck. Once I cleaned it off the camera I washed the bag too. Then replaced the seals as they had also turned to mush.


For a popular camera line, there is surprisingly little about this version on the net. This German site has the most technical information. From that site I gathered the shutter speed is fixed at 1/100th and changing the film speed changes the aperture. Apart from changing the film speed, there is nothing to this camera, a simple point and shoot. There is a red light in the viewfinder if the conditions are too dark. I used a 400asa film and it nearly always lit up.

The test roll below confirms its issue…they seem underexposed. There is no metering at all, the red light just acts as a warning to use the flash. You really have to judge the conditions by light experience and knowledge. Remember the speed is 1/100th and use the sunny 16 rule. The camera is fine in bright light, but then move the film speed up or down if the conditions change.


I took the camera around Ghibli Museum..not inside as no cameras are allowed…and then to the giant Godzilla head at Hotel Gracery. Despite the exposure issue, the images do see quite sharp. I didn’t know about the lack of metering and I am tempted to try it again with my own film speed advice. But really, I didn’t love the camera and it seems a bit of a waste of film. I much prefer the original trip or even the AF.

Keep or sell: given to a friend due to moving countries.





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