Polaroid Supercolor 635 CL

After saying a few times I would never try another Polaroid camera with the new film again, here I am. I was given a couple of them at the recent camera fair. They came from someone I knew who takes very good care of his things. As an example, this one still had the original box with instructions, a pack of film, and the receipt. Unfortunately, the film was very, very expired and very, very perished. The battery inside the cassette still worked so I could check the mechanisms worked before ordering more film.

The technical details for this camera are:

Lens: 106mm.
Lens: Built-in fixed-focus single-element plastic.
Focus range: 4ft – infinity.
Flash: Built-in automatic electronic flash (powered by batteries in film; film sold separately).
Flash range: 2ft – 10ft.
Maximum aperture: f/14.
Minimum aperture: f/42.
Shutter: Electronic.
Shutter speed: 1/3 to 1/200th second.
Film: Uses 600 film for Polaroid™ cameras.

One thing that the list doesn’t mention is the close-up lens, the CL in the title. The CL lens slides across the main lens and allows you to focus between 0.6 – 1.2 meters.

Before I shot this set of images I read this post, 5 tips for Polaroid beginners. It reminded me of the need to put the photo in the dark as soon as it is ejected from the camera. I have installed a frog tongue before, but not this time. I found the last time, it still scratched the image. So I would try this camera first before thinking about that.

The last time I used Polaroid film was 4 years ago, has it improved?

Hmmm, not in my eyes.

I tried a couple of flash shots, and was not far away from the subjects. There should have been enough light. The outside shots were taken on a dull day, but seem more underexposed than the conditions would allow for. The film is still awkward to use and this camera was bulky too for me.

I was given two cameras and I got a pack of 2 cassettes, so I have another round to go. I much prefer Instax which is more stable and the cameras generally smaller.

Lots of people love this format and I have found a new home for the camera already. A photo-loving friend jumped at the chance to own this one and I was happy to donate it. I will remind her to make sure there is lots of light or use the monochrome film which I think is better.

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