My Current Top Ten Cameras

Someone asked me to make a list of my favourite cameras. That is a tricky question and depends on a number of factors.

  • The camera I am using right now. The one I used last is often high on my list.
  • The cameras I have tried in the past. It can’t be in the top ten if I haven’t tried it.
  • The condition of the example I have tried. Of course, if I have only tried a crap example it will be low on my list no matter what other people might think of it.

So all that aside, here is my current top ten.

  1. Zenit 11 – This camera is a tank. It works without batteries and just keeps going. The Helios lens supplied is sharp. This camera with serve you well forever!
  2. Canon IV SB2 – This was the first camera that I had CLAd. I had to sacrifice a number of other cameras to pay for it, but it was worth it.
  3. Chinon CE-4 (or CE-5)- This is purely based on looks. I made mine into a Spiderman camera and it is unique-ish as I then found a broken one and fixed it up to also be a Spidey camera. This position was previously held by the Canon A-1 but I use it a lot less now, though when I do I really like it.
  4. Contax 137 MA – I love this camera, my stamp version especially. It looks great, handles well, is quite light, and has great lenses. It has dropped a place under the CE-4 as that has cheaper lenses so is more accessible.
  5. Nikon FM10 – This has replaced the Pentax ME Super as I prefer it much more. It is small, light, and takes multiple exposures. That places it above the Pentax in my view.
  6. Leica M3 – This should be number one, but as I don’t actually own it and can’t try it again I was reluctant to place it in the top spot.
  7. Fed 2 – This was one of the first cameras I tried after returning to film. It made me realize that film has a quality and look that digital just can’t capture. Plus, the photos I took using it are very meaningful to me. This choice is due to emotions rather than functionality.
  8. Nikon F2 – I used this camera during my trip to Taiwan and every shot came out. It is sharp and reliable though to be fair I rarely use it now so its days are numbered on this list.
  9. Olympus OM4 – None of the other SLRs I have tried has the spot metering function like this camera.
  10. Yashicaflex A2– I had previously put the Rolleicord III – K3B on this list as a medium format camera must be on this list. I put a new mirror in the Yashicaflex which made it easier to use, plus brought it back from the brink of a junk death. That made it overtake the Rollei. It won out over the Bronica ETR-C due to the fact it is much lighter and cooler. It won out over the Diana F+, because I just can’t bring myself to put in on the list, though I do quite like it….but I did end up selling it as the shutter started to stick a bit. I didn’t want to invest in getting it fixed as I do have the Rolleicord…plus I actually use the Kiev 88 more than any other medium format camera I have…plus I have the Mamiya. Basically I can’t decide on the last spot or medium format camera.

This list is subject to change as I try more cameras.

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