I started this blog to go along with my new hobby…finding and testing “junk” camera. This will usually mean cameras I have found in junk bins or flea markets. It might even mean junk films, expired long ago. Making good use of the things that I find, wombling. (not the rude urban meaning). As the word “womble” is probably copyrighted, I chose Camera Go Camera …actually I thought of Wombled Cameras after I made the site.

At first, I intended to do the blog until a set date, the one year anniversary of my mum’s passing as I started this hobby to focus my mind away from that issue. I have written about it in a few posts.

As the date came closer I realized I was getting near to 100 camera posts. So that became the new goal…then I passed that goal. Then I said I would finish when I ran out of free space on the blog….now I don’t know where or when I will stop, but I will enjoy getting there.  🙂

I have three other blogs

https://luckywalkstokyo.wordpress.com (finished and won’t update often)
https://yellowbiketravels.wordpress.com (I rarely update as I have got carried away with other things)

https://walkingandexploringibaraki.wordpress.com (Current walking project)

and a website



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