I started this blog to go along with my new hobby…finding and testing film cameras. It is really a blog for myself. To remind me of the cameras I have tried, what they did, and what I thought of them. Ultimately all cameras are made to take photos and do the best they can.

I have found these things to be true.

  1. Cameras are only as good as the person using them. A cheap camera in experienced hands is better than an expensive camera in inexperienced hands.
  2. A camera is only as good as the lens. You can have an expensive SLR body with a cheap lens on it…well you get the idea.
  3. Sometimes junk cameras are exactly that. Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t. My example might just be real junk.
  4. Expired film is fun, but fresh is better.
  5. I don’t care about technical details, but how a camera feels when I use it. Is it intuitive? Can it be used easily?
  6. The reviews are for me, not you, it is a visual reminder. There are many other similar blogs if you are looking for something more or different.
  7. I wish there was more light in the world.
  8. I wish film wasn’t so expensive.
  9. Learning how to fix camera is frustrating. I am not very good at the moment, but I enjoy ripping things apart and trying my best.

As I am making good use of second-hand items and things other people have left behind, I call my searching wombling. As the word “womble” is probably copyrighted, I chose Camera Go Camera …actually I thought of Wombled Cameras after I made the site.

Then there is the name, Camera Go Camera. That comes from a Japanese anime, “Panda Ko Panda”, the ko meaning small. A friend suggested it as a laugh as I was living in Japan when I started the blog.

At first, I intended to do the blog until a set date, the one year anniversary of my mum’s passing as I started this hobby to focus my mind away from that issue. I have written about it in a few posts.

As the date came closer I realized I was getting near to 100 camera posts. So that became the new goal…then I passed that goal. Then, I said I would finish when I ran out of free space on the blog, so I bought more….now I don’t know where or when I will stop, but I will enjoy getting there.  ðŸ™‚

I have three other blogs

https://luckywalkstokyo.wordpress.com (finished and won’t update)
https://walkingandexploringibaraki.wordpress.com (finished and won’t update)

and a website