Konica IIIA

I found this camera in a camera junk shop in Tokyo. There is a chain of shops in Nakano and one only sells junk or near junk film cameras. Their junk is better quality than most junk shops. Over the road on the second floor is their film camera shop where they have an amazing display of Leicas. This camera was there, all shiny and the lens looked really clear.


The viewfinder of this 1958 camera is one of the brightest I have used, big and clear. It makes aligning the two images of the rangefinder much easier than other cameras I have used. The film crank has to be used twice, once to advance the film and once to cock the shutter. It works on an EV system which changes the speed and aperture together. The EV value can be set by pressing down the EV scale on the lens barrel towards the body. I actually found it a little annoying and much prefer the ability just to change the aperture on its own as this coupling means you have to take a light reading more often. The viewfinder is on the far left so you can focus with your right eye and keep looking at your subject with the left. And that is it, no light meter, no fancy buttons, just a solid, well-built camera.

But did this camera work? I put in an expired Kodak Super 400 and set off for a quiet part of Tokyo.


I lost a few shots as the shutter release was so quiet I didn’t realise I had pressed it. The EV system meant that the exposure was sometimes a little off as I didn’t change the value. The expired film and the EV system meant that the colours were a little wild at times. BUT the camera worked and the lens was sharp. The weight of the camera and EV value system means that this is not my favourite camera. I probably won’t use it again.

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11 thoughts on “Konica IIIA

  1. yashicachris says:

    It’s a good looking camera. The images look sharp and overall everything looks colorful and contrasty. Check around in some of the camera stores (the ones with the oldest employees) and ask if they know if the lens was made by Zunow for Konica or if it is a Konica made lens. The give away to me is the style of the “No” with the underline under the “o” in the serial number. Just a hunch.


    1. windswept007 says:

      The serial number is on the top and is just numbers. You can see it in one of the photos. I looked on the lens barrel and there isn’t anything.


      1. windswept007 says:

        You know, I picked it up again and still couldn’t see it….then durh it magically appeared. I have a headache today, must be affecting my vision.


  2. Toby says:

    What lovely bright contrasty vibrant photos. Glad you’ve got one. As I have got to know your photography style it give me a great baseline to judge a camera and lens by. Definitely on my shopping list.


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