Olympus Trip XB3

Lockdown has meant I have returned to old habits to keep myself occupied. Just before the current state of affairs I was given this camera, along with others, by a man in a pub saying, “Here you go, you like film cameras, I don’t need these.” I think anyway. I really should label them then I won’t have to make up wild stories.

Wherever it came from it was clean looking and, as I had to finish some slide film before the chemicals went off, I decided to put half the remainder of a film in it.

Originally produced in 1996 it is a basic point and shoot camera. The shutter speed is fixed at 1/100th and a fixed aperture of f6.3, so not a camera for all kinds of weather or conditions. The flash is totally automatic, no turning it off. In fact the only thing you have any control over is a self timer. I love the original trip, but anything else made by Olympus and labelled trip…is usually a waste of money, a camera sold by name alone.

How was this one? Well it was simple to use and the massive viewfinder made it easy to frame shots. Due to the lockdown I just took a few shots in my garden.

Excuse the selfie of boredom. The film obviously had issues, but the shots are also a bit meh. None are really sharp and any that are slightly in shadow are underexposed. I don’t recommend buying this camera, but if a man in a pub gives you one for free…go for it.

Thank goodness the E6 chemicals are finished, now to try C41 at home and hope I have better results.

7 thoughts on “Olympus Trip XB3

  1. adventurepdx says:

    Nice review! I was briefly tempted by a couple of the lesser Trips on eBay for cheap, but thankfully controlled myself from purchasing. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the original Trip 35 one of these days, but it’s probably not going to be soon, at the prices they are fetching…

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    1. Peggy says:

      I was lucky to be in Japan when I started buying cameras and found quite a few originals very cheap. I kept a clean one and gave the rest away. They are far superior to the later models in every sense.

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      1. adventurepdx says:

        Cool! I wish I was “there” before certain film cameras became a thing. I’m just thankful that I’m lucky enough to get my hands on an Olympus XA2, and that was gifted to me!


  2. Toby says:

    Nope I wouldn’t have touched this with someone else’sbarge pole. Cameras are not like cheese or wine.
    Oh btw you’re blog is now the top of Google search results when searching “camera go camera”, it wasn’t when I first started reading. J know it’s not Google remembering my likes either cos I cleared my cache and am logged out.

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