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I saw this interesting camera on a blog about the same time I saw the Prima Sol. While looking for the Sol, I also looked online for this camera. Again, I never thought I would find a reasonably priced example and certainly didn’t think my small bid would stick. I must have been lucky that week because I won both of them.

Just look at it.

How pretty is that? The first chance I got to use it was at a photography club meeting and at my friend’s horse stables. Once I whipped out the camera a few of the members mentioned that recently there was a video online reviewing it. I looked for it after I tried it out.

There were a couple of videos, I preferred this one as I have also tried the Minolta Prod 20’s.

I felt the same way as the reviewer. I much preferred the look of the O-Product and the fact the flash is removable. I also love the sound it made, I wonder how they did that. Here is another great review that goes into much more detail than I care to give, including the history behind the design. I do know that any time I have pulled it out of my bag people wanted to look at it. But did it work?

I used some expired agfa 200 which I converted to black and white in post process due to the colour tint. The photos were taken around Leeds, with only the fish and chips using the flash.

I liked using the camera. I liked the results. I did feel it was a bit flashy, pardon the pun. It wasn’t something you could sneak a photo with. It demanded attention, especially with the flash attached. The brushed metal body was comfortable to hold and the cover over the lens was a bonus feature.

5 thoughts on “Olympus O-Product

  1. Toby says:

    O my, pardon the pun! What a fab trumphrey camera. Nice results, I bet inside it’s essentially a mju or af10 inside, but what fun.
    Love the retro styling. Funny how two cameras as diverse in styling as this and the sol can be appealing.
    It also appears that fuji c200 or the old agfa 200 makes pretty good black and white film. Good enough to for me to stop worrying about acquiring some in place of the fridge full of agfa I have.


    1. windswept007 says:

      It is the AF10 inside. Yeah, the Agfa 200 colour came out pink, but in preview it was easy to take away the colour and boost the contrast. It looked much better.


  2. Toby says:

    I saw a chart somewhere of expexted colour shift in various film emulsions.
    Which inspired an online chat with someone and theoretically if you know what to expect a lot of the colour shift can be filtered out with screw in lens filters.
    Though I have to admit I plan desaturating and using as black and white.

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