Analogue Wonderland and Street Candy

I do believe as part of the film community we should support each other, especially new films.

I recently tried a roll of Street Candy and immediately ordered more through Analogue Wonderland. They recently posted a great article detailing their rewards program.

But why was Street Candy my first order after joining the program? Well, I liked it, it is new. Though I did find the actual film very thin, very, very thin. In fact it was returned from the processing lab ripped and damaged. But I loved the contrast of those shots that did make it through and if I process it myself it should be ok. I just need to add a thicker leader.

Here are some shots, some with the damage.

2 thoughts on “Analogue Wonderland and Street Candy

    1. windswept007 says:

      Analogue is selling it for £7 a roll. I got it on Kickstarter or something. Can’t remember now, but usually if I see a film on Kickstarter I pledge for at least a roll. I think I have tried Rollei, but it didn’t resonate with me as much as this…maybe it is the packaging 🙂

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