Olympus mju ZOOM 140

Confession, this was not a junk find. I looked for this camera and bought a great one on eBay. But since coming back to Japan I have seen many in the junk bins for a couple of dollars. I actually paid about $40 for mine, I over paid, but I am still very happy with it. So why did I over pay? I really wanted a Yashica T4 or a Contax T2 basically anything with a T or 2, oh or the Olympus Mju 1 or 2 would also have been nice. But alas all out of my price range. Then I read a blog that suggested most of the Olympus Mju range were excellent. The lenses were sharp and the auto focus worked very well. So I plumped for one I could afford.

And it really is a great camera, though I have been a little unlucky with mine as you will see below. There is loads of information about this range of cameras online. Here are some technical details from the Olympus website. As you can see it has a fantastic zoom for a point and shoot, combined with the low 2.8f aperture it has a lot of punch. The best thing for me is the focus lock. If you look at this terribly processed photo you can see this demonstrated really well, excellent bokeh for a point and shoot.

My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture
This was actually the first 35mm point and shoot I had used for a long time and the first one in my new collection. I took it out on a day trip with the family to Elvaston Castle. Though I must say it looks more like a Manor house than castle.

There were more of course, but how many ducks do you want to see šŸ™‚

The next outing was to a bar in Tokyo and a Christmas party with a used, expired film I got in a junk bin. What I  didn’t know was that it was also exposed. Someone had taken flower pictures first. Bad luck or happy accident? Despite the flowers I could see that this camera worked very well. And as a nice bonus the 35mm, vintage appeal seemed to make people more comfortable about being filmed.

Look at my tiny car! It looks like the other cars had a baby.

The next time I used the camera the shop messed up the processing. So I changed the colour to black and white, but I couldn’t do much with the flatness.

Bad processing aside, I was very impressed with the close up photo of Hachiko and Professor Ueno. This camera actually handled the difficult lighting better than the more expensive digital camera I had with me.

I really agree that this is an amazing camera and if you find one you should buy it. This is the one I will keep above all the others.

10 thoughts on “Olympus mju ZOOM 140

  1. What are the differences between this camera and the Olympus u[MJU:]-II Zoom VF MULTI 38-80mm? I’ve been struggling to decide which camera to get between those two and I was wondering if you were able to help as I’m trying to get into photography as a beginner. Thank you xx


    1. The VF, visual finder, is different but I don’t think it is important. This one has a f2.8 aperture and the VF smallest is 4.5, so that makes this one better in my mind. All of the mju editions are great. That being said, why stick to Olympus, there are other great cameras. Doing this site I have realised those cameras lorded by collectors are great, but there are cheaper alternatives that are almost as good.


    1. I sell things on eBay.uk look for seller mcpiggle442. I am thinking of adding a page to my website with cameras for sale soon.


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