Kyocera Samurai X3.0

Another Samurai, I just can’t seem to resist them.

This camera was produced in 1988 and as with the other samurais has a bit of a cult following. This website and this website have lots of information about various Kyocera/Yashica half-frame cameras. There are many websites out there with example shots and technical information, so I will stop there.

This is a simple camera to use, you just point and shoot, the flash is either on or off, the zoom goes in and out. That is about it. For a large-ish point and shoot it is quite ergonomically designed to fit the right handed person. It is pretty rubbish for a left handed person.

I found this one in a junk bin for around $5 and was quite excited to try it out. So I popped in a new film and went for a walk around Tokyo. Then I took the film to the camera shop and it barely made it out alive.

It was a pleasure to use this camera and it fired in all situations. So keep or sell? I have decided to put it on eBay, but if it doesn’t sell then I won’t relist is all mine 🙂

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