Photo Post: Minolta 404si Dynax

This camera is already on my camera post list as I tried the Alpha Sweet S while in Japan. It is another version that was distributed in Europe hence the name change. There is one difference, this one does not have a panoramic switch on the side. That wasn’t enough for me to make a whole new post. My new example is in perfect condition, with no yellowing in the pentaprism due to the adhesive.

Along with this camera and the kit lens, a 35-80mm zoom lens, I was given a couple of prime lenses and another zoom. The prime lenses were 28mm and 50mm. I kept the 28mm on for most of the Fuji 100 roll I loaded to walk around Norwich.

I found Norwich to be a lovely place, very friendly. I had never been before but will go back at some point as I didn’t even get to see the market.

As I suspected, this camera and the lenses worked perfectly. It is an awesome little camera, entry-level or not, it is a bargain of a camera…if the battery lid isn’t damaged as many of them are.

Here are my photos from Norwich.

I am tempted to keep this over the Canon 3000 eos as I now have more lenses and spare bodies for the Minolta system.

8 thoughts on “Photo Post: Minolta 404si Dynax

  1. Darrell Meekcom says:

    I love my Minolta collection and in it is one of these. They’re so easy to use, take great shots and there’s loads of cheap lenses available. Rarely a need to use manual function because the Auto settings are so reliable. Totally underrated which is a pity and this shows in the lovely crisp, colourful shots you’ve taken here Peggy.

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    1. Peggy says:

      Yeap, this was so easy to use, no searching for the focus with any of the lenses. I think only the plastic makes it entry level. But in todays market it is a perfect little camera.


  2. Roger B. says:

    Norwich looks to have some charming architecture, still in use and not fenced off as an “historic preservation area”. I have a Maxxum 430SI a/k/a Dynax 500SI, with two kit zooms, all picked up for $15 at a local thrift. Your post encourages me to load it up and go shoot springtime!

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    1. Peggy says:

      To be fair, we do have a lot of old architecture in the UK and apart from castles, they are still in regular use. The place where guy fawkes met in York is now a restaurant I think.


  3. Renato Infanti says:

    Grazie per tutti questi articoli. Sono un appassionato di reflex analogiche anni ’70-’90 e apprezzo molto i tuoi articoli Peggy. Ho circa 50 reflex di ogni tipo. Però questa volta nell’articolo manca la foto della photocamera…. Un caro saluto. Renato Infanti (Friuli VG Italy)

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    1. Peggy says:

      grazie, apprezzo che tu abbia dedicato del tempo a commentare. Mi piacciono le fotocamere di quell’epoca, anche se a volte sono brutte


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