Pentax Espio 928M

I have recently tried another point and shoot from Pentax, which I lent to a friend who hasn’t tried film for a very long time. Then the person who gave me that camera sent me a remote for it, bugger. I always regret parting with cameras, but for the sake of my sanity and wallet, it has to be done. Anyway, in order to try the remote, I looked for a cheap but good replacement. Hello 928M.

The zoom on this 1999 camera was not as long as on the other one, but 28-90mm was still ok for me. I chose this one as I read somewhere that it did multiple exposures. I won’t link to that article, because it doesn’t. Though this one also has a bulb mode which is rather good for a point and shoot. It also accepts DX coded film up to 3200asa, available apertures range from f3.5 – f9, and has a maximum speed of 1/400s. That is all quite impressive really. Here are some more technical details.

I used this camera on a day out in Doncaster, exactly as a point and shoot might be used. One film, one location but I saved a couple of shots to use with the remote, gosh I have been enjoying fish and chips lately looking at my increase belly size. The remote worked perfectly, and the case even had a little pocket to keep it in. Cameras with a brushed metallic finish are always lovely to hold. It was quick and responsive, but the proof is in the pudding or photo whichever you prefer.

Golly, I think this one did well. Even the tricky shot of the market roof is perfectly exposed. I might be converting to Pentax as my main camera of choice. And what the heck is happening to the weather? The day in Doncaster was the warmest day on record for February in the UK, warmer than most summer days. Look at it now, barely a dry day in sight.

As for the camera, I think I will keep this a while seeing as I the other might not be returned and I now have a remote. These cameras are still fairly easy and cheap to find. If you can find a good example it would be a great one to keep in a handy location.

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  1. That little camera does reasonable work. I keep hoping to come upon one of these bar-of-soap-sized Espios for cheap.


  2. That’s the slightly larger 28- zoom. There’s a newer one called the espio 120sw. It’s slightly longer lens.. 120…there’s also a 28-105, better spec I think. Finished in gorgeous very tactile real anodised aluminium. As Jim said above…bar of soap. The remote works with them all…..moral, give away, sell the cameras…keep the remote. Not found an espio they don’t work with. And I’ve had ooooooh. 😂
    P.S we had Hale bouncing 4″ off the floor before lovely warm sunshine 10 mins later. I love Britain.

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  3. It did well! It’s amazing how expensive these cameras were back when they were new but if you didn’t want to lug a big SLR around it was the way to go.

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  4. Hey! Just came across this article since I just got an IQZoom (Espio) 928 that I need to test out.

    Regarding this: “I chose this one as I read somewhere that it did multiple exposures. I won’t link to that article, because it doesn’t.”

    You have the 928M. The 928 (no M) DOES do the multi-exposure mode, plus exposure compensation and an “easy shoot” mode that locks the lens at 28mm and at infinity focus. From what I’ve seen, the M version came after the 928, and while it still has that same zoom lens (28-90mm), it doesn’t have all the perks and features of the original.

    It’s confusing, since it looks like folks mislabel the 928/928M. When I got mine off of eBay, it was listed as a 928M, though it’s clearly not. For one, there’s no “M” on it. And the straight 928 is bulkier in that early 90’s way, whereas the 928M is sleeker in that late 90’s way.

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