Bad Processing Issues

I took 4 films to be developed at my local shop yesterday. They were all different films, from different cameras. That being the case then why were 3 all purple and flat. They were new films and I know for sure one of the cameras works beautifully.


That leads to one conclusion, it was the shop’s fault. Either the machine broke, was on the wrong settings, or the chemicals were old. Either way I was pretty annoyed, but what could I do? The films were already ruined. Luckily there was nothing on them that was important due to the nature of this blog. The only thing I feel I can do it never use their service again, which is a shame as I really liked the shop, plus they probably didn’t do it on purpose. I will have to use a bigger chain who probably have more customers and more quality control, somewhere like Yodobashi camera….or use this weird coffee method myself.

Before I became a teacher I used to have the same job as these guys. I worked in a couple photo labs printing enlargements. Here is a great description of the normal developing process.

I know how easy it is to ruin a film, but three and not say anything is a bit low. Film is expensive, so is paying for processing. I don’t want to stick to black and white then process myself, but I think for anything I care about I will.

The final outcome is that some of the next few posts will have funky photos as the test film examples.