Olympus AZ-1 Zoom

I ended up testing this camera twice. I forgot that I had already used it for a day out in Tokyo and then took it to a local shrine another day. That is why I decided not to buy any cameras until I have gone through the ones I have.

This camera has a lot of functions for a point and shoot. Even the flash has 4 different settings. According the the official Olympus website this camera came out in 1987 and was the first Olympus camera with a zoom lens, ooooh. The zoom is 35-70mm. The macro feature means you can focus at 1m, which isn’t really macro now, but I guess it was amazing at the time. One of the features I did try is the multi exposure on the top. To make that work you press that button while pressing the shutter, it stops the film advancing. If you look at the photos below you will see one example of this. I kind of forgot to use some of the functions. I did use the auto flash which worked very well.

This camera feels like a brick, without a battery it is 400g. As for the photos, it did ok. It is not the best, not the sharpest, but it is fun to try all the buttons and switches.

As mentioned I first took it to Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya. This was my first attempt at this kind of street photography and I was very self conscious. I definitely need more practice at this style. Plus it was a dull, rainy day. Not a great combination.

The second outing was to a local shrine. I also made a mistake when processing. I heard my timer beep then poured out the developer 30 seconds from the end…I was on auto pilot, I should have agitated. Oops, lesson learned. It was also a dull, drizzly day.

Meh, it is ok. It doesn’t rock my boat.

As I have no intention of keeping a million cameras and I just like trying out cameras then selling them, I am sometimes in a quandary. I went wombling this week and saw another samurai for $3 and I knew I could sell it for a profit, but I had just posted the same camera here. What to do? Buy or leave? In the end I decided to leave it, but now I regret it. I guess I have to decided the whole purpose of this hobby. Is it the selling or the playing? If it is the selling then I should buy cameras I find that will make a profit. If it is trying, then I should leave cameras I have already tried.

As for this camera keep or sell – neither. If you would like this camera just send me a message. You pay the postage and the camera is yours for free. If I have hear nothing before the end of June 2016 I will give it back to a junk bin.

7 thoughts on “Olympus AZ-1 Zoom

  1. adevries2014 says:

    Hi, I also like to test not all too expensive cameras, sometimes I fix the older mechanical ones, and then I try to sell them again, but I also like to keep them! But you can’t use every cam (no time not practical), can’t keep all (space and money wise). I love the “plastic fantastic from 80s but also 60s and 70s cams and …oh..I do have an expensive digital Olympus OM-D with many lenses!!! But I still love film and photos don’t need to be perfect to be very interesting! You can send me this (Oly AF-1) one if you want!


    1. windswept007 says:

      Actually I do still have it so I for sure I can send it. But you would have to pay for postage if that is ok.


    1. windswept007 says:

      I don’t have this one anymore. Soon I am going to add an extra page to my blog with details of cameras I have for swaps, sales, or give away. So keep a look out.


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