Pentax Z-10

I had a week off work recently, hence the number of posts. This Pentax post almost never happened. I bought a lens and a camera in a junk bin, loaded it up, and 7 frames in the camera gave up the ghost. Nada, nothing. It rewound the film and refused to play anymore. That meant I was left with a perfectly good lens and no body. Should I buy a new body? Of course, why not. I went for an older model mainly because it looked so clean.

This camera has a nice weight and doesn’t feel too plasticky even though that is what it is made of. There are two basic functions, programmed or manual. On manual you can change the aperture on the lens barrel and the speed using the + and -.

I couldn’t figure out how you knew if the manual was working, as in it didn’t seem to tell you if you had it on the right settings for the available light. I had taken a few pictures then noticed a tiny, red – in the viewfinder. What is that? I started to move the aperture and the – became an “o” then eventually turned into +

Oh ok, now I get it. I tried a few more on manual, making sure the O was visible. I have to say the symbols are quite small and could be missed. Then I switched back to programmed.

As you can see there is a a built in flash and a timer, plus a data back. There is nothing more to it. A simple camera, but with all the functions you might need. It seemed so much more pleasant than the overly complicated Nikon I just tried. I used up the remained of the film at a great shrine I drove passed while out wombling. The first few underexposed ones are before I figured out the -O+ symbols.

I really liked using this camera. It was quite a dull day, a bit drizzly. I didn’t mind this camera getting wet at all due to how cheap it was. That might be a reason to keep it and it would definitely be one I could keep…if I didn’t already have 2 other SLRs that I like. Plus it is not an olympus. If only I could keep all the cameras I try.

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