Minolta Capios 25 and Home Processing c-41

I can find nothing about this camera online. The few bits and pieces are in Japanese, the only English sites were about selling one. The prices range from $1-$100. I paid $3 for mine and I think it is worth so much more. I have an Olympus Mju and that is always lorded as an awesome point and shoot, which it is. This camera worked just as well for me with comparable options and for a fraction of the price. It also feels smaller and lighter.


According to this website this camera was released in 1995 for a suggested retail price of 45,000 yen, which even today is a very big price for a point and shoot. The lens zooms from 28mm – 70mm with apertures from F3.5 and speeds up to 1/500 (at 28mm). The focusing system is 3-point multi-beam infrared active autofocus 0.5m ~ ∞ with macro mode 0.4m ~ 1m.

That means the aperture is not as wide as the olympus, but for the price difference I would be happy. Anyway, thank goodness for Google Translate. I think this is an awesome camera.

For this film I decided to try processing the film at home. I have already processed black and white, so why not colour. I found a kit on eBay which said I could process at 24 degrees C. The usual temperature of 38 degrees is supposed to be hard to maintain. I find this a bit odd as the developing time is just 3.5 minutes. at 24 the developing time is 13.5 minutes…much longer to maintain it.

I felt this camera was working well, it made the right noises, so picked this film to try it out. Here are the results.

Well, the camera worked very well. I love it. But I am not too sure on the processing. The photos are ok, but the tint is an indication that all was not well on the processing front. On the other hand they came out better than the local shop I used last time. So I think I will have another go at some point. As the chemicals do not keep for a long time unlike the black and white ones, and they cannot be bought in regular shops in Japan…it will have to be soon.

So keep or sell? Well I doubt I will get what I think it is worth so I am tempted to sell the Olympus Mju and keep this one. I will ponder this for a little while before deciding.

Oh and these photos were taken in Tsurumi at Sojiji.

5 thoughts on “Minolta Capios 25 and Home Processing c-41

    1. windswept007 says:

      I actually can’t remember as I sold it a while ago. But I think it was a cr2 or a cr123, nothing that was hard to get. Can’t believe I didn’t put it in the blog. I have seen others in junk bins and am tempted to get another to keep. When I do I will add it….probably next week 🙂


    1. windswept007 says:

      It sold quite quickly actually. I see them often I will let you know if I see another if you like.


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