Fujicolor 400 Disposable Camera

This was a strange find in a junk bin, a practically new disposable camera for about $1.

That is way less than buying a film, this version also included a flash. Score. As it was a throwaway camera and worth nothing I decided to take it on a bike ride.

According to wikipedia disposable or single-use cameras have been around since 1949. They were initially made because most cameras at the time were very expensive and people didn’t want to take them on bike rides, seriously 😉

Later these cameras became popular at weddings and to be kept in cars to record possible accidents. This website gives lots of ideas on other possible uses. Gosh, wish I had read that before I used it up.

Before my current job I used to work in a photolab and these cameras were a great source of AA batteries. There was one inside each to power the flash. We would take the cases apart to retrieve the battery because most people hardly used the flash, just like me.

This was one of the films damaged by the processing lab, I can’t exactly put a new film in and try it again so I turned them black and white. Despite the damage I was impressed by the images.

Did you see the lovely picture of my hand on the FLAT tyre, bad processing and bad inner tube equals a sucky day.

My overall opinion is that one use cameras are ok in terms of quality, but with so much plastic in the world I think they should be banned.

So keep or sell? I guess a moot question.

3 thoughts on “Fujicolor 400 Disposable Camera

  1. the6millionpman says:

    I’ve never thought about what powered the flash, all those years as a kid buying and using these and I could’ve been saving my pocket money by salvaging the practically new AA’s from each of these for my GameBoy.

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    1. windswept007 says:

      🙂 Don’t feel so bad, it depended on the make. The old ones definitely had a roll of film and an AA battery, but recently some have film from a roll. So if you had opened them you might have ruined your film.

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