Konica Auto S1.6

This was one of the cameras I got at the camera fair. I had to stand my ground to look and this beautiful camera was being ignored by everyone, but me. I thought it looked like a Yashica GSN and as I didn’t own a Konica I thought it was a fair investment.

On inspection when I got home there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with this camera. It was clean, the seals were fairly ok, and the battery compartment was clean. There was even an o-ring in the compartment so I could use a modern battery. That being said it looks like you can use the camera without a battery as it has full manual settings. It was worth the purchase just for that.

As I didn’t know anything about this camera a little research was in order….wow, this camera is the same age as me!! I love it when that happens. It also had a low production run of just 2 years 1968-1969, so rare…like me 🙂 This website has lots of technical details.

It feels awesome to hold, a nice weight, sturdy. The viewfinder was clear and has a cool function, when you focus on a closer object the lines move to show the different capture area.

But does it work? As I found this camera so beautiful I decided to take it out straight away on a shrine expedition.

Yes those are phallic statues, I live near some interesting shrines. But forget that, holy crap, this camera is awesome. I love it even more. I am going to keep it for a while and jazz it up with a funky new skin. Who needs a spiderman camera 😉

Update: I did reskin the camera 🙂

6 thoughts on “Konica Auto S1.6

  1. Jeremy D says:

    Where does one get kits to re-seal cameras?

    I have an Auto S2 I’m trying to sell, but the self timer, 1 sec. and 1/2 sec. shutter speeds are slow. And the lens fell off the light meter. I think I’m going to put a piece of transparent tape over the light meter until the lens turns up, reseal it, and use it with an external light meter.


  2. Peggy says:

    Sounds like a plan. There are kits for sale for seals if you do a search, but I tend to buy a universal foam kit and use a craft knife.


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