Konica Auto S1.6

This was one of the cameras I got at the camera fair. I had to stand my ground to look and this beautiful camera was being ignored by everyone, but me. I thought it looked like a Yashica GSN and as I didn’t own a Konica I thought it was a fair investment.

On inspection when I got home there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with this camera. It was clean, the seals were fairly ok, and the battery compartment was clean. There was even an o-ring in the compartment so I could use a modern battery. That being said it looks like you can use the camera without a battery as it has full manual settings. It was worth the purchase just for that.

As I didn’t know anything about this camera a little research was in order….wow, this camera is the same age as me!! I love it when that happens. It also had a low production run of just 2 years 1968-1969, so rare…like me 🙂 This website has lots of technical details.

It feels awesome to hold, a nice weight, sturdy. The viewfinder was clear and has a cool function, when you focus on a closer object the lines move to show the different capture area.

But does it work? As I found this camera so beautiful I decided to take it out straight away on a shrine expedition.

Yes those are phallic statues, I live near some interesting shrines. But forget that, holy crap, this camera is awesome. I love it even more. I am going to keep it for a while and jazz it up with a funky new skin. Who needs a spiderman camera 😉

Update: I did reskin the camera 🙂

Buy this camera – Minolta Auto S1.6

Please check the photos and read the text, that way you know exactly what you are buying. The amount includes postage to the UK. If you live outside the UK please contact me for postage details.


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