KFC Novelty Toy Camera

After the last few expensive camera posts, this is the complete opposite. I got this for $3 in a junk bin. It is unlike anything else I own.

It was clean as a whistle, no haze or fungus..but it is completely plastic so could there be any as fungus grows on the lens coating?? Either way, everything was finger-lickin’ good.

Finding any information on the net about this camera was tricky. I did find this Japanese blog that states it came with a $30 bucket of chicken, but could be bought for $15…which annoyed the writer. He said he got the camera around 1997, but never put a film through it. He has even included a manual which says you should use 400ASA film, I wish I had seen that before as I loaded a 100ASA for testing. The camera has a fixed aperture and one speed, which I guess to be around 1/100th as my test shots did not show too much movement.

Here are my test shots.

I decided to use the camera to take photos along the main street in Akihabara, and of shop fronts. Considering it was a dull day, I used the wrong speed film and it is a toy camera…it didn’t do so bad. There are some signs of stress on the film and the film winder/rewinder was stiff. But I think it has been a while if this camera was used, if ever.

Would I use it again, probably not. It would also be tricky for a child to use it due to the stiff winder, my thumb was sore.

Keep or Sell: I think sell or swap. Though I really do not have anything like it and it is fun. It would make people smile when you take their photo.



    1. I did think of only taking KFC photos, but that would have taken a lot of driving…and typhoon season 🙂


  1. Crazy camera, nothing like going from one extreme to another. I have to confess I have a rather garish red yellow and green Halina waiting for me to have a more unusual moment.


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