Fuji HD-M

I bought this camera because it looked different and there was mud on it. The HD-M means heavy duty motor. As you can see, it looks like it will withstand just about anything.

According to this site it came out in 1984 and can be used underwater to 2m. I have a feeling that it will actually go a little deeper than that. As a diver I know that the pressure underwater changes the most in the first 10 meters, if I can get it past that depth it should be ok for any type of recreational dive. So next time I go diving I will test it again, just for fun. The battery and film compartments have doors that are held tight and have an o-ring for good measure.

The focusing on this camera is zoned. I often forgot to change the zoning for some reason. I think because the camera looks like it should be a point and shoot. When I did remember to change the focusing I found the resulting photo was very sharp, but it was quite unforgiving if you forgot. The shutter has a lock, so it never fires when you don’t want it to. The shutter button was a little stiff due to the ability to keep out water, underwater it might be an issue. I did take it out in the rain, it would be perfect for street photography on a rainy day.

From what I can gather,and from the mud,I think this type of camera was used by builders to record their progress. Plus it is kind of the original sports camera.

You change the ISO by a dial on the front of the camera. The previous link I gave has more technical information. But did this work? I have already hinted it did.

The exposure was spot on every time. You can see on a couple of repeat shots when I got the zoning right. The timer worked…though not my attempt to use it. I really liked this camera and as I don’t have an equivalent one, I will be keeping this one. Though I do have a couple of similar ones to test later., so I might be swapping it later. The others have automatic focusing so that is the only reason I will swap it out.

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  1. David says:

    Great camera. I owned 2. The shutter button is very sticky. First one died eventually after several years very hard use caving. The second one I used for many years hiking but I sadly flooded it snorkelling. Don’t take it diving the seals are not adequate.


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