Nikon U or F65 or N65

I had a little trouble finding information about this camera as it is the Japanese version and has a few names. I initially thought it was the F55 or N55, the N is the USA version. But the U denotes it is the F65, which is good because the F55 has a known fault with the auto focus according to this site and it may or may not have been fixed. The F65 does not have the same issues. I am a bit sad as the F55 has a great website to link to, which I am going to do anyway as it was an enjoyable read. Anyway back to the F65. As you know I love Nikon and their over complicated navigational systems – not. I bought this one for the lens. You don’t often see Nikon lenses in junk bins and definitely not in this condition. So I thought if I buy this and then I stumble upon other nikons I can  try them out with the same lens.

This version of a Nikon is an entry level SLR and was surprisingly easy to use. I was just about to leave Japan for the summer so rushed through a film and got it developed before I left. I thought it would give me something to do if I got jet lag. I didn’t get that, but did get a very bad back just before my flight and have been a little immobile, so I had time to work on this.

I brought many of the cameras I had decided to keep back to the UK, but I left this one there. I did this for a few reasons.

  1. I am not a fan of Nikon
  2. I can leave all my other cameras here and still have a working film SLR there that I can eventually sell or give away
  3. My bag was already way to heavy and I had a bad back, it didn’t make the cut.
  4. To make it harder to write this post

Of course you now know it works, this website has lots of technical details. What I can add it is that it was comfortable to hold, easy to use, cute to look at. It is far smaller and lighter than the usual SLRs I carry. The autofocus worked quickly. I can’t fault it. For the price and the easy availability of this camera ,I think it is a bargain.

Here are my rushed shots, taken on an expired film. If anyone has an issue with their inclusion, just let me know and I will delete you for my cyberspace.

That dog does not sit still, when I get back I am going to take a whole roll just of her and see how many actual shots I get. She loves the sound film cameras make when they advance and she usually attacks me while I am focusing.

Sell or Keep…keep for now as it is on my shelf in another continent and I have no access to it.

On another note I went on a photo walk around Leeds, UK today. I found it a lot more aggressive and intimidating, but I did find a vintage camera shop, West Yorkshire Cameras. It was a bit like panini sticker books – got it, got it, want it, need it. I was pleased that I had many of the cameras they had on sale. I was pleased the person on duty only made me feel slightly stupid when I got my Rollei shutter jammed, deservedly so. More about that on another post.


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  1. windswept007 says:

    I would like to add that after this and using the Nikon FE I have changed my opinion and love Nikon. I even bought a Nikon D7000 as my main camera. I love it.


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