Top Ten Viewed Posts of 2018

After reading Dan James’ blog about his posts of 2018, I thought I would look at my own stats. I don’t really do musings as such so I can’t do a full list like his, but according to the stats, these are the top ten most viewed posts. They are not ones I posted in 2018, but the most viewed this year out of all the posts.

  1. Minolta Hi-Matic AF-D
  2. Olympus AZ-1 Zoom
  3. Fuji HD-M
  4. Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 MD
  5. Two Nikon TW Point and Shoots
  6. Nikon TW Zoom
  7. Olympus Pen EED
  8. Ricoh XR 500
  9. Fuji TW-3
  10. Konica Z-up 80 super zoom

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Viewed Posts of 2018

  1. Dan James says:

    Thanks for the mention Peggy!

    So with the top ten above, does the order correlate in any way to how much you liked these cameras yourself?


      1. Dan James says:

        Ah yes, that’s a good idea having your current fave cameras on a dedicated page.

        Can’t argue with your top choice, I’ve had a Contax 137MA too, they are lovely. I’ve also had its fierce big brother the 167MT which is heavy but so classy. Amazing.

        However the Contax I stuck with after selling all but one other film camera (a Spotmatic F) is the 139 Quartz. Similar to the 137 but manual wind on (unbelievably silky, the best I’ve experienced) and a little smaller and lighter, virtually identical in size to an ME Super. Try one if you get the chance.

        I used mine sometimes with a 50mm Yashica ML, but mostly with a simple adapter and M42 lenses. The 139 plus a Super Takumar 55/1.8 make a dreamily smooth combination.

        Didn’t you have a bigger autofocus Contax too?


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