2018 Favourite Photos

After reading Jim Grey’s blog about his favourite photos, I wondered if I could choose ten of my own.

It took a long time to sort through all the files. After I made a folder of possibilities, I then had to sort through those and then backtrack to find the information. If I do this next year I will make a “possible” folder and note the cameras and films in the metadata. Or I will start to use a program that puts everything in the photo data when I store them. For this year I will show the chosen 10 photos and as much information as I can. You have to be super organized with this, well done Jim for being that organized.

So here are my personal choices for 2018, in no particular order.

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  1. Lovely work — you really are talented.

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  2. Gorgeous work, I adore number 4 especially, many thanks.


    • I like the colours on that one. Fuji film is great, pity they are stopping making film for the most part.


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