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Update on the Kiev 88

I finally used the Kiev 88 again. I bought an extra cassette too though for this excursion I didn’t use it.

I went for a local walk after work. It was a short walk, specifically to use this camera. I reread my previous post about the camera and reminded myself of the issues I had. It helped. I wound the cassette to the first shot and cocked the shutter before attaching the cassette to the body. The light was rapidly fading, but as there are only 12 shots I managed to finish in time and developed the film when I returned home.

I was getting ready to sell this camera, now I am not so sure. Oh Beastie, you are a fickle friend.

2018 Favourite Photos

After reading Jim Grey’s blog about his favourite photos, I wondered if I could choose ten of my own.

It took a long time to sort through all the files. After I made a folder of possibilities, I then had to sort through those and then backtrack to find the information. If I do this next year I will make a “possible” folder and note the cameras and films in the metadata. Or I will start to use a program that puts everything in the photo data when I store them. For this year I will show the chosen 10 photos and as much information as I can. You have to be super organized with this, well done Jim for being that organized.

So here are my personal choices for 2018, in no particular order.

A Photo Book on Japan

I finished school a week ago and have been hanging around watching the world cup. I was planning on traveling around Japan, but England is doing surprisingly well, though I might have just jinxed tonight’s game. Well, yesterday was very rainy and there was flooding around Japan. So instead of going out walking and exploring I sat down at my computer and made a small photo book using iBook Author. It doesn’t have much text, mainly photos. It is already on iTunes and iBooks. You can find it here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 15.50.00Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 15.50.39Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 15.50.56

Robot Style 3 lens Toy Camera

I saw this camera on eBay, really cheap, and thought..why not? So I ordered one and had a play.

There is absolutely nothing to this camera, no seals, no viewfinder, not even a take-up spool. The basic information I could get from the eBay post says that it has an f/8 28mm lens that has a set speed of 1/100sec. There is no film type selection and ASA 100 or ASA 400 can be used. I suppose it depends on the light conditions.

Loading the film was a bit weird. There was nowhere to put the ‘end’, you just made sure the sprockets lined up with the film. When the shutter is cocked and fired it will set off the shutters in order, one slightly after the other. This arrangement means there are 3 exposures on the negative with a slight time delay.

But did it work?

Heck yeah and surprisingly well. I am not sure when I would ever use it again or in what context, but it was fun to try. Aiming the camera was a little tricky as there is only a plastic square to look through. As you can see I missed a few times, especially with a fast moving dog.

The final question, keep or sell? It was far to cheap to consider selling it. I think I will just keep it for a funky occasion.