Update on the Kiev 88

I have been using my Kiev 88 during the lockdown. I wanted to try the extra cassette I bought a while ago. Plus it takes 6×6 shots, so it is much easier to finish a roll.

I have tried the beast a few times before the lockdown, taking it on local walks after work. I also reread my previous post about the camera and reminded myself of the issues I had. It helped. I wound the cassette to the first shot and cocked the shutter before attaching the cassette to the body.

BUT, while using the camera I noticed the cassette behaving in a weird way. It seemed to catch or move irregular distances, was the new cassette faulty?

The counter didn’t seem to be working so I had to look at the film window to see how many shots I had left. Then I developed the film and the issues were apparent.

As I have lots of time, I decided to try and find a video with tips on how to use the camera. I knew the camera has a reputation of being fickle, but was there something I was missing? I found this video.

Holy moly, I had either never read or completely forgot about the slight reverse of the cassette wind on knob to set the counter. No wonder I have been having issues.

I have reloaded both cassettes and will use the beast again on the next sunny day, but I think my issues are solved. Basically I have too many cameras and can’t retain every single camera nuance…another reason to down size.

In the meantime here are some sample photos from the beast.

9 thoughts on “Update on the Kiev 88

  1. David A Lockwood says:

    Something special about the way some camera/lens combinations work, the images just look different (in a nice compelling way) and makes them stand above the general run of the mill stuff.

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  2. SilverFox says:

    hmmm well, I was trying not to think that I want the Kiev 88 now you’ve made that more difficult.
    You say it’s a beast but I suspect it’s lighter than my Mamiya C330

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    1. Peggy says:

      I weighed the C330 when I had it, it was 2.2kg. The beast is 1.55kg so you are right. It is lighter so you should get one 😉


  3. Toby says:

    Nice shots, a keeper…..well until maybe a Bronica presents itself to you.
    With reference to David Lockwood’s comment using a neoprene strap….I have a op/tech strap I’d be happy to give you once the Corona situation changes

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    1. Peggy says:

      I ordered the original strap from Russia, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I was thinking I could attach the clips to a neoprene strap. And I have owned two bronicas in my time, so won’t be tempted to swap for that 🙂

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  4. John says:

    The shots came out really well. They look sharp and nicely contrasty. I have the Kiev 60 with the same lens (I think). That too is an absolute monster but takes amazing photos. I really should dig it out and use it again…


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