Konica Lens 28 WB – off road

By my reckoning I have about ten cameras left to write about. I am not sure I am going to hit my deadline of writing about them all in a month. But I will try. After that I will start a new blog or continue this one in a different guise.

So on with the show. For this camera I roped in a friend to help test it out. I had bought about three similar cameras at a second hand shop. All were heavy duty style cameras. This one was my least favourite to be honest. The others were either bright yellow or were just plain cooler. This one was rough and dirty, plus there was a scratch on the lens protector.

Ok, cooler until I did some research and then I began to really like it. This website has lots of information about all the different styles and its hardiness. I must say the red version looks really nice.

Anyway I gave this one to a friend who took forever and a day to use a roll and even longer to get it developed. In the time it took for the prints to come back to me she had returned the camera and I had tried my own roll.

Here are her shots. After the first few I wanted to see how hardy the camera was so I took it from her and threw it high in the air into a pile of snow. You can see the ice on the lens for a few shots until it was cleaned. The throwing, the landing, the ice, water, and cold had no effect. It still worked.

It seems like nothing can break this construction site camera. According to this site, another name for this camera is the Konica off-Road. It was produced around 1990 specifically for constructions sites, and Japan does have lots of those. It is waterproof, dust proof, sand proof, shock proof, and the front glass is covered by an extremely hard plastic protective coating…what scratched mine! Gosh I am beginning to like this camera more.

Anyway here are my shots. Excuse the expired film…and the penis shrine, there do seem to be a number of them near my house.

There is nothing to this camera, but simplicity and hardiness. It has auto focusing and an automatic flash if you want it.

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