Kyocera Samurai 4000ix

I was so excited when I saw this camera that I missed the all important APS symbol on the back. My rule is never to buy an APS camera as the films are no longer manufactured and therefore can only be bought on eBay for a song. But I wanted another, working samurai camera. I thought it would be like the other one, a half frame. But no, an APS it was. So I coughed up and bought 2 films. One for me and one for the lucky person who might buy it from me. APS film was introduced in 1996 and ceased being produced in 2011, just a 15 year life span as apposed to the 90 years of 35mm which is still in production.

This camera is from 1998 and has a 30-120 zoom lens. It worked perfectly. No focusing issues like the last Samurai I owned. It is a basic point and shoot camera with the 3 settings that were common to all APS cameras.

It is comfortable to hold and use, palm sized and light. I put it in my pocket and cycled to a shrine a fair distance away. Two birds with one stone. Getting out and about and testing a camera.

Getting the film developed was easier than I thought, Yodobashi Camera processed it the same day. When I went to pick it up the store clerk smiled at me when I approached and said pretty APS lady. He meant the  pictures not me 😦 and remarked the colours on the index print were pretty and said for an old film it was very good. He was right.

I wish the film wasn’t so hard to get hold of as I really liked using this camera and am very impressed by the quality of the shots. All sharp, colours great. I did use the different settings, but when the film was scanned the whole frame was used.

10 thoughts on “Kyocera Samurai 4000ix

  1. 805faces says:

    wow! i love your blog! I’ve been searching for a new camera everywhere and i like the shots you have taken and the feedback you have given for each camera. i especially like these photos the colors are awesome!


    1. windswept007 says:

      Thank you. I really like this camera, I still have it. The film is too expensive though.


  2. windswept007 says:

    I have seen a pack of ten for sale for about $50 which is a great price and I would be tempted to buy that if it wasn’t for all the other cameras. Usually it is $10 for one film. Plus it is all a dwindling stock 😦 eventually it will all be gone.


  3. marty says:

    Hi! Thanks for the pics and review! Does this model have continuous shooting and multiple exposure modes? IF so, I’m in!


  4. Chris and Carol says:

    You got some excellent images with it. I have the Yashica Profile 4000ix model (same as the Samurai). I haven’t run a roll through it yet and I may never do so but mine works well and looks new. Pretty neat camera. The film I have is the Fujifilm Nexia A200 which is dated 1/2007.

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