Canon Sure Shot AF-10 (Prima AF-10)

Look at this lovely, shiny camera. I have tried the AF-7 and it was ok, it didn’t rock my boat. So how about this later version from 2003.

This camera is the very essence of point and shoot. It has a bright viewfinder, a self-timer, and a button to turn off the flash. That is it, but there is something more…it uses 2 AA batteries and has a 26mm fixed lens. Ooooh nice and wide. Not as wide as the UWS, but wider than most point and shoots. This one is certainly cheaper and not as rare as the UWS. Other than that this camera isn’t that impressive. It has a fixed aperture of f6 and a top speed of 1/250th.

I loaded mine with Kodak 400 and went for a wander around Roundhay Park, Leeds Center, and Blackpool.

What a nice selection of images, colourful and sharp. There is some vignetting, but not as much as I thought given the wide lens. The two dinosaurs were quite dark and activated the flash. It was bright enough, but not overpowering.

This is a great little camera. It feels nice to touch, has a bright viewfinder, uses convenient batteries, has a lens cover, and has a wide focal length. It in no way is the best camera I have tried, but it is great value for money. If you want a cheap, wide, 35mm camera then this will do.

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  1. Yeah, I like the results

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  2. I love a wide angle point & shoot.

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  3. Not as wide as the UWS, true … but built to last for more than two rolls of film.


  4. Actually, it doesn’t seem that cheap. I can only see one on eBay at the moment and it is a touch on the expensive side.


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