Photo Post: Pushing Catlab 320 to 1600 in Glasgow

I was fortunate to receive a surprise package from a friend in America. It contained a few rolls of Catlabs X film 320 which I was very grateful for. So for the last post of this year I wanted to say thanks to that reader and to all my readers. I remain grateful for your interest in my few words and experiments with photography.

For this post, I have continued the trend of experimenting by pushing the film to 1600 with 510-pyro. It was out of curiosity and need. I have just returned from a few days in Glasgow and the weather was awful. Instead of having a photoshoot outside, we ended up visiting Kelvingrove Museum or restaurants. Even though the film was loaded in a Canon A1 with an f1.4 lens, I had to push the film in order to use it due to the dull and dark weather.

When I finally returned home, via detours away from flooded roads, I developed the film with 510-pyro. I used the box base development times to work out the ones needed to push the film. This wasn’t me using loads of maths, but the app film developer pro which I have raved about before. It gave these details…

I found the film base very thin and I had a little trouble loading it onto the spool. It did buckle a couple of times, the evidence of which you can see in the subway photo. Many of the photos were taken at f1.4 and 1/125th or less. I even went down to 1/30th at one point. Luckily I have used box cameras which often use that speed. It made the depth of field very shallow and hard to focus at times.

The resulting negs looked a little thin, but they scanned ok. Here are the results.

I got similar results from Kosmo Foto’s Agent Shadow pushed to 6400, both films are really versatile and I will try and keep one of them in my bag at all times. As for pyro, it always impresses me.

Now I will go back to waiting for the fireworks 🙂


7 thoughts on “Photo Post: Pushing Catlab 320 to 1600 in Glasgow

  1. Roger B. says:

    Fine results: Sharp, a long and deep tonal range, and clean highlights. This combo is like an improved version of TriX at 1600 in Acufine – my 1960s / 1970s choice for available dark street photography. But CatLabs has much better grain structure. A keeper IMO. Wishing you some fun for Hogmanay, and a 2023 that is a bit less grinding than 2022 has been.

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