Canon EOS 630

I had a Canon lens that seemed fine, but no body to attach it to. Nevermind, in Japan Canon cameras are easy to find…lo the EOS 630.

I already have the 650, so I had high hopes for this one. This version of the EOS line was also a little heavy, but everything worked from the get-go and it was a clean as a whistle. It was originally released in 1989. You can find lots of information about it on the Canon Site and read another great review here. You can also find a manual at this site. The autofocus worked well, smooth and quick. I loved the placement of the selector wheel, by the index finger for quick changes. The program mode has seven preselected settings which I am writing here as mine are in Japanese.

P1 – Standard
P2 – Quickshot
P3 – Landscapes
P4 – Sports
P5 – Portrait
P6 – Close-up
P7 – Indoor (Party)

The two small buttons on the upper back, right side didn’t seem to do much. The left one is the LCD light, but it didn’t work. The right one works the viewfinder metering display, which did work. You can select the ISO for non-dx coded film from the drop-down panel on the back. I don’t know if it overrides DX films, that would be useful. All in all, it seems to be a super camera. The only issue I had was that I accidentally left the turn dial on A instead of L for lock. This wore down the batteries. That is more technical information that I usually give, but there isn’t much to say. This is a great camera, I enjoyed using it. It worked well and felt comfortable to hold.

Here is my test roll which I took on a lovely spring day out with my family at the park. On the walk, my sister was attacked by a vicious Shiba pup.

What a super camera. It is a little heavy to sell for the price I will get, it can be found quite cheaply. Nevermind, I have promised some friends a film camera. This is a perfect one to pass along and keep film alive. Though I will be sad to part with the lens.


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  1. Jim Grey says:

    I just sold my 630 and a battered 35-80 zoom lens. But I shot one more roll through it first. These old EOS cameras just do the job without fuss. You have to respect that.


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