Coca-Cola Keychain Camera

This was a tricky camera to write about because there is nothing about it on the internet as far as I could see. I saw one similar camera on eBay, but the logo was for the Berenstain Bears. Then I saw a few more examples with various logos. So basically this is a generic 110 camera that was mass produced in the 1980s for product memorabilia. I happen to have found the coca-cola version.

You plonk a 110 film cassette in and hang it on your bag, so I did. It was hard to frame perfectly, but the lens seems quite wide and my results got in everything that I wanted. I used the camera when my family was visiting from the UK. So it has photos from around my house, Fuji and Kyoto.

I like the ‘feel’ of the photos and was quite surprised by the detail captured. BUT what are those light leak spots? I can’t see anything wrong with the camera, maybe it was the film? Maybe it was the print?

So I scanned one of the tiny negatives to see if it showed up on that image.


Yeap, in the same place. That means they are definitely on the negative, but I can’t see how they go on the image through the camera, I suspect the film. Oh well, I kind of like the light leaks this time. They add a ghostly quality to the photo.

Keep or sell: I like keychains, but this one is just a little too big and for me it is annoying hearing it clunk around. I will never use it again.


5 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Keychain Camera

  1. Jim Grey says:

    Hunh – this thing actually takes decent photos. Not great, but totally usable. I’ve seen these keychain 110 cameras for years and have always stayed away because they couldn’t possibly be any good, right?

    The spots on your images are a defect in the Lomography 110 film. It’s apparently fairly common. Here’s a shot I took on the stuff with a very nice Minolta Autopak:



    1. windswept007 says:

      I thought it was the film, it couldn’t be anything else..that sucks, how can they sell it with a known fault?

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  2. Toby says:

    After seeing this I might have to save you the Halina toy camera I have somewhere. Red yellow, green and blue colour scheme

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