Nikon Nuvis S – aps

This is the first of a few posts using aps film. I want to finish the rolls I have in my fridge at this location. I have a very, very similar camera to this already. But, with the cool metallic finish and sliding action, I bought it anyway.


I need to get myself one of those lightbox studio thingies. Anyway, this camera was originally produced around the turn of the century, gosh I feel old writing that. It seems like it was advertised and priced as a top end APS camera, but it received terrible reviews. Most complaining about the grain, focusing and poor flash abilities. You can find more technical details here.

I found it very easy to use and with the sliding door, I could keep it in my pocket. The ultimate point and shoot. So for a week, that is what I did. I left it in my pocket and whipped it out as and when I felt the urge. Here are the results, taken around Mount Fuji and Tokyo…and my car. Look what you can fit in my tiny car. You may count 39 photos, I was kind to my sister and did not post one of them. It was an awesome photo, but I want to live a bit more.


As aps film is all expired I am always surprised if it comes out at all. On these shots I can see the grain, same as the Minolta I linked to before. The focusing was not a problem for me, but I can see the issues with the flash and exposure when there was low light. But I liked it. I liked how robust it was. There is no need for an extra case, with the camera closed it felt perfectly safe.

As I have the Minolta and RVX, I have no need for this one.


Keep or sell: sold

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