Minolta Vectis GX-1 aps

I had seen this camera on various forums and thought it looked really cool. It looked like an aps genba and I love a good genba.

Look, I got one of those mini lightbox thingies. Not bad for $10, better than my couch and a flash anyway. Back to the camera…The viewfinder is massive and bright for such a small camera. Though they are now superfluous, it has very clear markings for all the different formats.

The camera looks rugged and waterproof, but in actuality, it is just splash proof. The clip on the back was for a self-contained tripod. Of course, on this example, it is missing. You can see a photo of it here and you can read more technical details here. There is surprisingly little about this camera on the net, apart from eBay listings. I can tell you it is from the late 1990s.

This really is a basic point and shoot, no zoom, keep in your bag, use in the rain, don’t worry about it camera. If you are into aps, I think there are better cameras about such as the Minolta s series. But if this is the only one you have then it works fine.

Here is my test roll on expired film, taken around Tokyo and Ibaraki.

On a bright, sunny day the camera coped very well. Surprisingly for a splashproof, rugged camera, it didn’t work quite so well on a cloudy day. The flash was also quite weak with a short range. It still looks cool though.

Keep or sell: I have plenty of point and shoots, plenty of APS cameras…..sold.



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  1. Jim Grey says:

    By writing about these off-the-wall APS cameras your blog is going to be the #1 hit on Google when people find one of these at a thrift shop or in dad’s drawer, and want to know more about it!

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