Film Roll Keychain

I made a film roll keychain with a 5 yen coin. The 5 yen coin is a perfect fit for old Japanese film camera battery compartments. Plus it is lucky too. If you would like one, I will make one just for you. Check out the stuff page. It is it very limited due to my time and the number of used film rolls I have. The make of the film is not guaranteed, due to what I have in my bag of tricks.


2 thoughts on “Film Roll Keychain

  1. Jim Grey says:

    My oldest son, now 32, learned Japanese in high school. Turns out he was born to speak the language — it came to him with such ease, and he spoke it so fluidly. He spent the summer after he graduated traveling around Japan, couch-surfing at the homes of friends he had made online. When he came back, he gave me a 5-yen coin for luck, and I’ve had it on my keychain ever since. That was 2004!

    five yen

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