On this page, you can sometimes get yourself some stuff. Simple as that.

All the prices include economy postage to anywhere in the world if it is physical or downloading if it is digital. You are responsible for any customs charges.

Here are the current choices.

Dual Dreams Zine

This is a 32-page booklet/zine that I created while living in Tokyo, Japan. It features double exposure shots of Midori, a model and friend who has her own unique style. The price includes shipping.


Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.57.44

Or this digital book from my trip to Iceland

You can download this at iBooks for £2.99

Download it here.

If you like reading the blog then simply say thanks and buy me a drink/film.


Do you like the blog? Great, thanks. Why not buy me some film or film developing? I would say buy me a drink but I am honest and would have to use it for that, it's all downhill from there. (In case you didn't get it, you are just giving me money for the love of the blog, you do not get the film in the photo)


You can also visit my Etsy Shop where there are various things for sale, including keychains.


Cameras for Sale
I will be posting cameras for sale on the actual review of the camera from now on. I am moving away from eBay due to the fees and “issues” I have experienced. That way you can see exactly what you are getting and what it can do. Please check back later.

T-Shirts and other items


You can check out my CafePress products.
T-shirts, cups, and more.


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