On this page, you can sometimes get yourself some stuff. Simple as that. All the prices include economy postage to anywhere in the world if it is physical or downloading if it is digital. You are responsible for any customs charges. Here are the current choices.

Say Thanks

If you like reading the blog then simply say thanks and buy me a drink/film/stamps for cameras, whatever I feel like at the time.


Dual Dreams Zine

This is a 32-page booklet/zine that I created while living in Tokyo, Japan. It features double exposure shots of Midori, a model and friend who has her own unique style. The price includes shipping.


Or this digital book from my trip to Iceland. You can download this at iBooks for £2.99

Download it here.

Cameras for Sale

If you like one of the camera post list page and are interested in buying it then send me a message. I am open to offers for nearly all of the cameras I own. If there is a camera you have been looking for, then drop me a message.

T-Shirts and other items

You can check out my CafePress page where you will find T-shirts, cups, and more.