On this page, you can sometimes get yourself some stuff. Simple as that.

All the prices include economy postage to anywhere in the world. You are responsible for any customs charges.

Here are the current choices.


Do you like the blog? Great, thanks. Why not buy me some film or film developing? I would say buy me a drink but I am honest and would have to use it for that, it's all downhill from there. (In case you didn't get it, you are just giving me money for the love of the blog, you do not get the film in the photo)


If you do want some film, then buy it through these Amazon links and I will get a little money too. It’s a win-win 🙂

UK Amazon – 35mm film

UK Amazon – 120mm film

US Amazon 35mm film

US Amazon 120mm film

Buy other things from Amazon through this link and I get a little towards my hobby 🙂

Film Camera Related Products

The link above connects to a few items, such as film.

Cameras for Sale
I have now added some cameras to my eBay account. I recently put some cameras in for CLA and decided to reduce my collection to pay for the servicing. Check out my current listings here.


Finally, you can check out my CafePress products. T-shirts, cups, and more. Please copy and paste the text below as the live link does not seem to take you to my page, just a general page 😦


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