Photo Post: Ukraine Walk

I just realised I never posted the photos I took on the walk to the Ukraine Cultural Centre in Manchester. The main reason…it was closed. Oh well. It was advertised as happening each Sunday, but unfortunately, the post hadn’t been updated at that time. It was still a good or thoughtful day out with friends. We had our Ukrainian cameras and film, I even wore a T-shirt with a Kiev 4 photo.

We wandered Manchester before getting a bus as close to the centre as possible. After seeing it was closed we wandered to the main road and happened upon an abandoned church. We spent some time there before heading back for some well-earned pizza.

It was still a worthwhile event, we did think about the war and its consequences while enjoying the company of others.

For the walk, I used my Fed 2 and some Agent Shadow. I had forgotten how much I liked that camera. It was as smooth as butter and the rangefinder patch was easy to see.


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