Photo Post: North West Film Photo Walk Leeds

The NWFP group are a fairly new entity which mainly uses Discord and Instagram to announce meet-ups. They started in 2022, but have already built up a strong following. For us Northerners, they are a nice addition to the very few other film groups in the area. Most photo walks we see advertised are based in and around London so it is an expensive day out if we want to join them. I was asked to join NWFP’s walk in Leeds, because..why not, I live very close to that city and could travel by bus or train. I had no excuses other than I wanted to stay in bed.

I am glad I woke up and went though. There were lots of people on the walk, which sometimes fills me we dread. It’s not that I suffer from social anxiety, but I have to talk all day every day, dealing with little people and their constant demands. Sometimes, I need a break from people. Even though there were 20+ people, it was great. There were lots of people I knew, everyone was lovely and why wouldn’t they be 🙂

The walk started at the station and went around the docks, ending up at the University. I had already used up the part used film I had loaded in another camera by that point but decided to reload my Yashica A to take some medium-format shots. I loaded it with a slightly expired Ilford FP4.

If there is another walk when I am free, I will definitely join. If you are in the north of the UK, check out their Instagram and discord.


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