Praktica BC3

I got this camera in a job lot of 3 for £10 in total, they were all “for parts” cameras but I found that 2 of them worked straight away and one was very close. This was one of the ones that worked straight away. None of the three cameras had a lens attached, but I had spares from previous purchases. None of the cameras I received would win awards for asthetics.

The camera was produced for a short period of time, for just one year, around 1987. It uses one PX28 battery (4LR44) battery to operate the light meter and the shutter speeds. Without the battery, the shutter seems to fire at the same speed no matter the setting…well mine behaves like that anyway. This thread seems to confirm that and states that without the battery power, it will fire at 1/90th. That is pretty handy, if your battery fails you can still use the camera in manual mode. Though small, the camera still feels a little on the heavy side. The viewfinder had a Judas window to let you see the aperture setting and an LED light meter indicator on the right. There is a split screen with a micro prism surrounding it. The split screen is set diagonally, which is a super idea meaning you don’t have to turn the camera to focus on straight lines. The only issue I could see with my example was the lack of most of the skin, it would need recovering…oh dear 🙂

I took my example to Leeds for a North West Film Photo walk with a gifted CatLab 320 film and set the camera to 200asa. The information I got with the film said that would get the best results. I only had a few shots left on the roll as I had taken it out of a Minolta SRT101 which had a faulty light meter. I only got to take a few shots with this camera and film, but I like using the camera and it was a lovely day out.

The two bizarre-looking shots were taken into a mirrored ball.

Anyway, I was enjoying myself so much that I reloaded it straight away with a cheap ECN2 film I bought on eBay. I sent this film to Photo Hippo and these are the results.

Well, it definitely works. Now, what to do about the skin, I wondered to myself as I was reading a comic??

Hello, Valkyrie camera. Well, that takes it up a notch doesn’t it or it does in my eyes. It makes a great companion to my lovely Spiderman camera and it works much better than that one too.

I am starting to get a bit of a collection of Praktica cameras. I already have the BCX, but I think I will keep this lovely looking one. Besides, this guy says it is his favourite Praktica. I have to say, I like it too.

I have recently gained another Praktica so be on the lookout for that review in the future. Oh and someone sent me a 28mm lens that fits this so I will do a photo post with that one when I get the chance. AND put it in my new vintage Praktica bag…the world and my friends are trying to enhance my Praktica love. I have no objections and I am looking forward to riding with the Valkyrie again.


8 thoughts on “Praktica BC3

  1. Aengus MacNaughton says:

    Peggy — great “refit” — hmmm, now I have a naked FX-3 around here somewhere just dying for some vintage Silver Surfer skin…. And the color photos are great — very sharp and great exposure! Who needs one of those new-fangled Nikon F5s?!?!?!?! 🙂 Cheers!

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    1. Peggy says:

      Thank you, I haven’t read or seen much of silver surfer. I will have to check it out. The “heart” film is great, not exactly cheap now due to the short rolls on offer.


    2. Thomas Josiger says:

      The BC3 was the export variant of the BC1. In East Germany it was not sold like this. Identical in construction, it was also sold as the Jenaflex AC-1, but mainly to Great Britain.

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