Photo Post: Return to Zorki 1 after a CLA

As I now have a “proper job”, I have decided to get a few cameras properly serviced. I will feature them over the next few weeks and let you know where I got them repaired. The first one I decided to invest in was my painted Zorki 1. Although I had fixed this to some degree, it was quite stiff to rewind, to the point it almost stripped my skin. Plus the shutter was in need of replacement. I wanted to send it to the guy mentioned in this Kosmo Foto post. Unfortunately, he was based in Russia which was a problem. I kept an eye on his website until I noticed he had set up shop in Slovakia and was now retaking repairs. So I contacted him. He responded very quickly and in less than a week my camera was winging its way east.

The repair was completed very quickly and in less than a month it was all over, my camera was repaired and returned. It didn’t look any different, but it felt amazing. It was smooth to use and the rewind no longer removed my fingerprints. I could see the shutter curtain had been changed, and I was assured the lens had also been cleaned.

I tried a few films through it. Here are some of the results.

Film: Catlab 320
Location: Liverpool

Film: Ilford HP5
Location Widdop Reservoir

Film: Kentmere 400
Location: Widdop Reservoir

This one was definitely worth getting CLAd and the camera now has decades more life left. It will probably outlive me. I would highly recommend using Oleg to fix your camera.


9 thoughts on “Photo Post: Return to Zorki 1 after a CLA

  1. William says:

    Ooh! Congrats! Have been an Oleg evangelist for years. Resurrected my Zorki 4K and Kiev 4AM. Quickly. Perfectly. Cost-effectively. Cameras bought through his site have all been Olegized to flawlesness.

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      1. William says:

        True, his prices have gone up over the years. Had mine done in ’09-ish (?), back when he was still in Russia and before the house fire that crippled his business for some time, but the CLA for each and the postage were not onerous, considering that I’m in the US.

        I’m never gonna be flush enough to afford an actual Barnack Leica or Contax II, but that old-school rangefinder experience – and the results – are nonetheless still available to me. Both little machines are tight, smooth, reliable, consistent and a sheer joy to use.

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  2. Roger B. says:

    ANy of you good folks ever try a Canon bottom-load RF? Not that expensive to acquire and sooo much smoother in use than the Soviet products.

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