Photowalk to Remember the start of the Ukrainian Invasion

At the end of February 2023, it will be one year since Russian forces invaded Ukraine changing Europe, maybe forever. To contemplate this momentous event, I thought I would organise a photo day in Manchester. I chose Manchester as I noticed each Sunday the Ukrainian Cultural Centre has a drop-in cafe event from 12:30-4:30pm

To show our support in a “Film Photography” way, I propose anyone taking part uses a Ukrainian-produced camera or film. This is not a prerequisite to signing up as any film camera will be ok. This could be a Kiev, Fed, Salut camera or a Svema film…or any others I have forgotten. I will probably use my Zorki 1 which has been painted in a traditional Ukrainian style.

Here are the walk details:

Description: Photowalk in Aid of Ukraine
Date: Sunday 26 February 2023
Start Time: 11:00 AM
Estimated Duration: 2.5 hours
Country: United Kingdom
Start: Victoria Station, Manchester
Finish: Ukrainian Cultural Centre Cafe

You can sign up by clicking the button below. The first 5 people to sign up will receive a free expired 35mm Svema film, reloaded into a cassette, ready to use on the walk if you so wish…no guarantees as it will probably be 30 years old.

If you cannot attend the walk but would like to find out other ways you can help, click the button below and that will take you to the AUGB Manchester website.


2 thoughts on “Photowalk to Remember the start of the Ukrainian Invasion

  1. Kurt Ingham says:

    In the past year I’ve bought a few cameras and lenses from Ukraine. All have arrived in good shape and in a reasonable time. So if anyone is hesitating, my experience has been entirely positive. The most recent order arrived yesterday – 10 days after it was placed

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