Photo Post: Kiev 88 and a Studio Day

At the end of last year, a couple of friends and I hired a studio in Cleckheaton and played around with the lights. Our basic idea was to have female photographers and a male model. Basically, giving the whole concept of a female model and male photographers a 180.

A neighbour of mine was up for being the model, and he brought a couple of acquaintances. I also invited a friend and her little girl to get full value from the day. While the other photographers were posing the adults, I took photos of the little girl. That way we could use all of the studio areas at the same time. The little girl’s mum used to do my mum’s nails and came to the hospice before she passed. As a thank you, I take her daughter’s photo every now and then. I took my Nikon D750 and both groups got a load of digital prints in return for posing for film shots.

Once the photo session with the little girl was finished, I loaded my Kiev 88 with a roll of HP5 and pushed it to 800 in development. I thought they might still be a little dark, but all 12 photos came out as I wanted.

I haven’t hired a studio before, but will definitely do it again.

I did use another camera, a Contax 137 MA with the other models but they didn’t come out as well. The Ultramax 400 was expired…and I forgot that vital detail so they were all underexposed. Here are some from that roll. Oh and I also played with a few filters.

And if you made it this far, here are some of the digital shots. Some very different poses on the same day. If you are wondering, the little girl left before any clothing was removed and she said the young lady looked like a princess.

Well, that was fun ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Photo Post: Kiev 88 and a Studio Day

  1. Clare Williams says:

    Your analogue photos came out brilliantly and the little girl’s Mum will treasure the digital photos forever too.

    Such a fun day and a learning curve for me. The models were lovely and I will definitely try and be more prepared next time and use a tripod ๐Ÿ™‚

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