Ricoh FF-7D

I absolutely love this camera, love it. It has gone straight on my top ten list. I have tried the FF-9 before and really liked that, but I only put one film through that one. Then I sold it, I must have been broke at the time. I recently tried to get a replacement, but the price of them was going through a bit of a surge. While reading about the 9, I saw the FF-7 was the same camera, interesting….I thought I would try one and see. The 7 is much cheaper than the 9, and I managed the get a 7D, the D being for data back. The only issue with mine was the plastic plate protecting the LCD was missing, so I need to be careful not to knock it too much.

Anyway, here it is…

If you compare the photos to the FF-9 post, you will see it is identical. As this camera is identical to the FF-9, why not check out Kosmo Foto’s recent review if you want to delve into some specs.

I loaded mine with a roll of Ilford HP5 and headed to New Brighton. I thought I had never been there before, but my father informed me that I have and reminded me of this photo.

Apparently, that is me taken in New Brighton, on an Instamatic. Neither my mum or dad liked taking photos so we don’t have many, therefore all he had to say was the one where you have a police hat and I knew which one. Of course, I don’t remember the trip at all and nothing looked familiar when I got there this time.

I have a feeling I loved this camera so much as it was a great day out. I went with a friend and we wandered around here a bit then headed to Crosby. I have wanted to go there for ages, it is the location of an art installation right in the sand.

Here are the results from this day out.

I loved the lighthouse at New Brighton, it is a picture book example. When I think of a lighthouse, this is what I see. As you can tell, I played with the multi-exposure button this time. The Gormley statues are perfect for that area, I love them. Forever looking out to sea and slowly sinking.

This is a shot I look on my phone.

I didn’t finish the film and took it to another great location, York. I finished the film there while waiting for another set of friends. Plus I managed to see the new Queen Elizabeth II statue just after its installation.

I had taken another camera with me but decided to load this one again with some Kodak Gold 200.

I feel this combination didn’t cope as well with a lack of or fading light, but I still love it.

Well, what a bargain camera. I will be keeping hold of it this time and if you are looking for a cheap point-and-shoot, try this one.

6 thoughts on “Ricoh FF-7D

  1. shaunedwards says:

    I have the predecessors of this camera the FF3 and the FF70. Both are fantastic, although a bit more chunky in a 80’s way.
    The lenses are superb though and produce great results just like yours. The nice thing about them is you can permanently turn flash on or off. Unlike the popular Yashicas or Mjus. Also they don’t go for silly money, at the moment.

    Liked by 1 person

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