Photo Post: Canon IV SB2 in Formby

I have wanted to go to Formby for ages. I had seen photos of the dunes and wanted to see them in person. It seemed so different from other beaches I have visited in the UK. But which camera to take? I should have taken one that I didn’t care about due to the amount of sand flying through the air, but no, I took one I really liked. I did swap the lens from the f1.4 Canon to a Jupiter one and told myself under no circumstances would I take the lens off or open the back. I stuck to that rule.

I loaded the camera with Ilford HP5 the week before for a trip to Worcester and was surprised when the counter went above the expected exposure count. I decided to stop using it in Formby at that point. When I developed the film, I found this multi-exposure shot.

Every shot in Worcester was layered on the next. The camera hadn’t wound on, but what about the shots from Formby?

Well, miraculously the camera just sorted itself out and all those shots came out.

I really like the results and want to go back for another wander at some point…when I save up the cost of the petrol.

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