Photo Post: Yashica 44

I have been very busy lately fixing some cameras and trying out some expired bulk film. Those posts are taking a while to get ready. In the meantime, here are some photos from the Yashica 44 which is a 127 camera. For these shots, I cut down a 120 roll of Ilford Delta 100 using the FCK127. Ilford film handles this process very well and doesn’t scratch as easily as some other films.

9 thoughts on “Photo Post: Yashica 44

  1. Darrell Meekcom says:

    I winder why Yashica chose to make this camera a 127?….surely 120 would have been more technically appropriate….strange. Great shots tho Peggy, brighten the buggers up a bit eyesight ain’t that good for iphone size media 😉
    I wonder just how many film folk would have gone for the expensive 127 film + develop option rather than cutting down a 120…me for one! Clever Peggy…very clever 👏 👌

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    1. Kurt Ingham says:

      Darrell -Yashica already made dozens of 120 cameras. 127 cameras are smaller and handier-plus there was a 4×4 fad for a while.

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    1. Peggy says:

      Me too, and cutting film down isnt so tough with the fck127, once you get the knack and find a film that doesnt scratch.


  2. Roger B. says:

    Do you have to unspool the 120 film and make a lengthwise cut? Or can you (as it were) hacksaw one end off the reeled 120 film?

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