Miranda 35 SF (Haking MW35S, Hanimex 35MS, Boots 35 MF)

I was sent this camera by a friend and when I looked through my camera post list I realised I didn’t have another Miranda camera on it. Apparently, I have never tried a Miranda camera but I have tried some Haking cameras and this looks a lot like the Haking MW 35S. This rebadging was detailed on this thread which I came across while researching…then I found the Hanimex 35MS and then the Boots 35 MF, maybe there are more out there?? Given the number of cameras that look like this, there really isn’t much else out there on the net of interest.

The one I received was not in perfect condition, but it did work. The lock button on this example span all the way around, 360. At some points on the spin it does lock the camera’s shutter. The flash on this example fires every time as long as it has refreshed. The sliding button on the front is supposed to manually force the flash, but it wasn’t needed on this example as it literally fired every single time. This happened even in bright sunlight with 400asa film. It was very annoying. It is a basic point and shoot from the 1980s that is styled to look a bit more classy. It has a zone focusing system with the usual symbols.

I loaded this example with the roll of Ilford HP5 and took it to Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall. Here are my results.

Well, for a very unflashy “flashy” camera, it actually worked quite well. Not well enough that I would use it again, but well enough for me to raise an eyebrow and think hmmm, not too bad. But oh that continuous flash is sooooo annoying and of course it will make the batteries run down quicker than expected. And this camera needs the batteries to function. Another thing that make this camera less economical, there was quite a gap between the shots on the film. This meant that a 36 film only produced 32 shots.

If this is the only camera you have and someone gave it to you then give it a go. They are cheap and cheerful enough to have a little fun with, but honestly, there are much better cameras out there. On the other hand, I highly recommend Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall for a day out on a sunny day.

11 thoughts on “Miranda 35 SF (Haking MW35S, Hanimex 35MS, Boots 35 MF)

  1. Roger B. says:

    Your touring recommendation links to an advert for “Bronte Boats” rides on the canal. Did Emily Bronte live along the Rochdale Canal?


  2. K says:

    Hi I have one of these, not sure if it has run out of battery or the film has finished, does it automatically wind up the film or do I need to do it manually? I don’t want to ruin the film I have taken! Thank you


    1. Peggy says:

      Hi, it should do it automatically. There is no rewind knob so it should be auto when it reaches the end. If you think you have done and it doesn’t, put it under your bed covers in the dark and take it out manually…unless you are near a developing shop.


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