Minolta 110 Zoom SLR

This is the third and final 110 camera I bought to try out the Tiger Lomography film. I think I got the two most interesting cameras, this one, and the Pentax.

This is the Minolta 110 Zoom and is a funky looking camera. I haven’t seen anything like it. Once I knew I was trying some 110mm film I knew I wanted to try this camera. It was produced between 1976-79. It works in aperture priority mode with a selector on the side of the camera, independent from the lens, which is odd. You have choices between f4.5 and f16. Depending on the light situation, the camera can choose shutter speeds between 1/1000th and 10 seconds. By twisting and pushing in the lens in you can use the macro function, allowing you to get quite close to subjects. Otherwise, the lens has a 25-50mm zoom. Best of all it is powered by 2 regular LR44 batteries.

So I loaded mine up and took it for a walk around Bradford.

I had a little trouble focusing it as I found the viewfinder quite dim, I much preferred the Pentax. It was fun to use, though I am not sure I will use it again.

Keep or sell: I am not ready to sell it yet, but may do in the future mainly due to my ownership of the Pentax….and SOLD.

4 thoughts on “Minolta 110 Zoom SLR

  1. Tobybrownson says:

    Really nice, I am not a 110 lover, prefer half frame personally. But they are great


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