Nikon Pronea S

With my new found liking of APS films and Nikons, the perfect fit seemed to be the Pronea S. Released in 1998 it was the last APS SLR Nikon made. I managed to get one with a 30-60mm lens.

I thought, even if I didn’t like the camera, the lens would be useful. Unfortunately, the  IX-Nikkor lenses are not compatible with any other camera. Oh well, at least I can play with this camera.

I took it to Leeds, but straight away I was having issues. The camera was shutting down or locking up. I thought it was a battery issue so went to Dragon Photos and got a new one. If you want film or developing in Leeds this is the best place to go.  When I got home I sent the film off to Hippo Photos, if you have more specific needs and are not in Leeds then this company is awesome. They develop anything and will even do sprocket scans. You can receive a cd or a download link. If I could post film to them from Japan I would. In no time at all, I got these photos back.


The camera was a bit of a disappointment. It was slow to focus and had that weird battery issue. I thought I would give it another chance, especially as I seemed to have gone nuts buying aps film over the summer. So I popped in an expired Konica  Centuria 200 and went to Scammonden Reservoir.

..all the same issues continued. The camera locked up, the new battery died before the end of the film, and was slower than a snail having a lazy day when focusing…if it could decide what to focus on that is. It really is a crappy camera. Here is the second test roll that I eventually managed to get the camera to rewind and release.

Keeps or sell: Dumped in the bin with lens and some of my Nikon love.

4 thoughts on “Nikon Pronea S

  1. monettelyan says:

    A few years ago, a friend gave me a Nikon Pronea S when he found out I was into shooting film. I still haven’t use the camera. Your experience piqued my interest into using the camera.

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    1. windswept007 says:

      I hope you have better luck, I think they are good if they work…but they seem to fail easily.


  2. Jim Grey says:

    My mom bought a Nikon P&S in about 1990 and gave it to me a couple years ago. It was CRAP, I mean just full-on awful. Sounds like Nikon got to a point where they’d put their name on anything for the everyday consumer.

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