Pentax Auto 110

After I got a pack of three 110mm films for another camera I was on the lookout for other 110 cameras to buy or find, and test. I did a search online and decided on this camera so I bought one on eBay. Once I put in some batteries and loaded the film, it didn’t seem quite right. The film would not advance smoothly. It usually takes two movements of the film advance to cock the shutter, but it just kept moving and the numbers rarely changed. As the numbers are built into the film I knew there was an issue.

The camera I had a 24mm lens. So I looked for another with a different lens. I ended up finding another one with an 18mm lens attached. Plus, I also found a 50mm lens from another seller. If the second camera worked I would have the full setup…excluding the later lenses that were released.

BUT, wait…a 110 camera with interchangeable lenses? WOW. It was originally produced in 1978, this site has a great history and review. This site has some technical details. It is the one and only sub-miniature SLR ever made. It is awesome. It feels great to use and surprisingly sturdy. The viewfinder is bright and easy to focus with. An orange light appears when the shutter is depressed half way and there is insufficient light, it turns green if everything is ok.

I took the second camera to Leeds and it worked perfectly. Here is my test roll using all of the lenses at some point.

I was especially pleased and impressed with the shot of the market ceiling. I have tried that shot with other cameras and they never cope with the backlighting, yet here is a 110 camera capturing it perfectly.

I loved this camera and the results, but due to the cost of the film and developing, I decided to sell it.


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