Canon Autoboy N150

After the awful autoboy I previously tried, I am surprised that I even picked this one up. But pick it up I did. It felt like the exact opposite of the first autoboy and of the massive Olympus I just blogged about. It was hidden at the bottom of a pile of junk and just looked so small, I thought it couldn’t be a 35mm camera…maybe an APS. On closer inspection, it was indeed a 35mm and one with quite a few features to boot. PLUS it had a 150mm zoom, which is more than the massive Olympus.

This autoboy is from 2004, which could explain the difference in sizes. Different time, different era, different computer circuits. It is also known as Sureshot 150u and Prima 150u, depending on where in the world you are. This one is so ‘new’ that there are even press releases online. This great review has all the technical details you might ever need and is much better than my own review is going to be.

For my test roll, I used an expired agfa. The first two shots show the power of the zoom for this small camera. I then took it to Asakusa for a wander while I waited for a friend.

It didn’t do too bad, I might even try it again. It did struggle with low light areas. AND it was so quiet, almost silent. Again this was so different than the original autoboy tested.

As a comparison for size. Here are both cameras I have blogged about today in their full zoom state.

I would recommend this camera as they can be found quite cheaply, mine was $3.

Keep or sell: I think I will sell mine as I already have a few point and shoots like this. For now I might keep it in my car, because I can.

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